Working Together to Develop Fair, Accessible, Innovative Therapeutic Support at the Time of Need.

Welcome to the Integrative Therapy Collective.

An unfound platform cooperative consortium for therapy professionals operating from the cooperative principles and values to promote a fairer society.

What is The Integrative Therapy Collective?

A Platform Co-operative Consortium of therapists aims to work together to make decisions in developing benefits and cost-reducing necessary tasks as part of the therapy work. These include, but are not limited to supervision, group CPD training, marketing and client-centred operations.

The Co-op is owned by the individual members, not big investors.

The user-focused development of the platform will aim to provide accessible and accommodating features that help connect and deliver the therapeutic services based on the client’s preferences and the therapy plan.

Lower overhead costs and a supportive resourceful network results in providing affordable, quality therapeutic services without compromising a healthy work/life balance or client care.

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To meet the needs of therapists, it helps to understand what those needs are.

Whatever stage you are at in your training, transition or established practice, sharing details about your experience in our Market Research Survey will help us shape a more useful and purposeful service.

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